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Hi Everyone!  And welcome to our new guild page.  We are trying to get this put together as soon as we can.  So check things out.  Throw out suggestions.  We are open to all your opinions.

***Please welcome all new members when they join***  with a hello or welcome...
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Guildl Contribution

asiahdai1, Sep 5, 10 6:35 PM.
Alright.  We are a lvl 2 guild. YAY!!!   But if you open up your guild window and take a look at bottom right you will see an upkeep charge.  This charge is for every hour!  So look a little more to the right and you are going to see 2 names in orange.  One for guild quests, which you can accept 5 times a day.  Each time you accept contribution or funds you will receive 3 quests.  The second is the guild event person.  You can do Ceremony of Gods everyday.  And the money and item contributions only on Fridays.  Remember, weekends count double towards ur guild contribution.  So in order to be able to keep up on the upkeep fee and to be able to get guild buffs, allies, and a larger guild == guild quests MUST be done.  If you haven't noticed there is a large amonunt of new members being invited regularly.  This is because if you are inactive for a week and have very little guild contribution you are out and new one will replace you in hopes of a more active member.  If you are moving, or know for whatever reason you cannot play for a week or more straight PLEASE post in guild forums so I am aware.  If you don't then you may be removed.  If you are removed from the guild and would like to return you must speak with me and I will determine whether you can rejoin.

Ultamitlly our goal is to have a full guild that is 100% active with guild quests.  Also if you a running events see if guildies would like to come.  Participate with each other and most of all Have FUN!!! and be nice too :)

GSC? you ask what is GSC, well i'll tell you...

souljinx, Aug 24, 10 11:36 AM.
GSC is a voice chat program, just like ventrillo and teamspeak. the only difference is GSC is free and easy to use.
you don't have a microphone?! well thats okay cause GSC has a chatbox as well, So you can type and listen!!!

You can download this awesome Program here
once you have installed this program add souljinx
then your on your way, if you need help please ask we would be glad to Assist you :D
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